Saturday was the last day of the 2012 fair -

the day our animals looked a little bit different -

the day that our pets turn into 'projects' and we have to be OK with that.  They were raised as a project and the project officially ends today -

But Cierra and Chase are both blessed to have buyers like these -  Jeannie Hamilton, representing Farm Family Credit

(oh look, Arrow is giving Cierra a kiss =( good bye)

and Stephen Skinner

This means there are basically three options for Cast, Bow and Arrow.  Family pet, butcher shop or livestock.  Regardless, yesterday was the day we say good bye to them.

Before we say good bye to the fair though, Ronnie and I make one run through the buildings.  

LOVE Black Dog Coffee.  They are working on a new location which sounds like lots of fun.

Check out this sunflower.  The seeds look perfect.

The books are stacked up for pick-up.  Yay, two blue ribbons.

Our club's barrel and display are great, too.

Awards - Chase received 1s place in the rate of gain.

And last but not least, it's the annual egg toss.  I don't do very good at this so Ronnie Chose another partner -

Yep, Joey Cross =)

And what a GREAT choice he was.  They came in 2nd!!

Each with a Red ribbon and $2, lol!  Always fun.

So good bye fair, 'see ya next year' to all our fair families and friends.  Congratulations to Cierra and Chase and all the 4Hers.  It was a GREAT week!

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