The "BOSS"!

Nearly two weeks ago on Friday afternoon, Ronnie and I skipped work for the afternoon and hit the George Washington Parkway -

Passing by the Washington Monument -

Arriving at our destination =)

BTW - the name is very fitting....Here's the night view from our hotel -

We got settled in -

then just hung out for a while - checking out the hotel decorations, lol!

enjoying an 'adult' beverage -

eventually we headed out -  avoiding traffic

avoiding parking fees -

following the signs (on foot =) -

passing by many police,


a beautiful church,

and even a Wells Fargo, ha!

Where were we headed you ask?

Yep, Nationals Park!  But not for baseball....

to see none other than the BOSS himself!

And it was like NO other concert!  This 62 year old played for four hours straight.  The house was packed and the show WAS awesome!

There was a really cool tribute to Clarence Clemons....his nephew, Jake Clemons.  Awesome!

For the last hour, the lights were on and the place TOTALLY rocked!

And then shortly after midnight...

the place turned back into a ball park.  Wow!

If you've been to one of his concerts, I'm sure you understand.  If you haven't and get the opportunity, GO!  You won't be disappointed.  I promise!

After breakfast at one of our favorite places, we headed home.  GREAT time!

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