This silly girl -

was SUPER excited to turn in her birthday papers -

 for her concert seats -

She didn't get the 'full' picture of tailgating because it was just a little rainy -

She saw rain coats, LOTS of cowgirl/boy boots and even a portable "John" - 

needless to say, she was definitely entertained for a while =)

We decided to head in fairly early to take cover and get ready for the show.  She picked out her shirt -

The stage was set up.....

She 'met' Boxer from WMZQ -

who introduced the singer of the National Anthem.  Then shortly thereafter the opening act!

Next up?!  Luke Bryan....YAY!

and FINALLY her MAN made his way to the stage!

and he put on a GREAT show!  She was one happy girl and many times could be seen holding her phone up (along with many other young girls), just trying to capture his voice...

The only complaint was that he didn't sing "A Country Boy's World".  That is our ALL TIME favorite song for now on his album and we practiced and practiced, LOL!   I told her I was going to send him an e:mail and let him know he missed his opportunity.  We called that song to be a #1 hit soon.

Ronnie and I enjoyed spending the evening with her and Robert.  It was definitely a memorable time.

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