Whooooo's There?!

After breakfast on Sunday and saying our good-byes to Abby our new friend, we decided to go a little bit further and surprise Nanny with a be-lated Birthday visit.  I mean seriously.....you can't be within an hour of seeing her and not stop, right?!

Ha!  Well, the surprise was on us.  We showed up and saw her car wasn't there.  LOL.  So we unpacked her presents, stuffing them in her mailbox, hung the empty bag on the door and snapped this photo to make her smile with my selfie stick -

Making every effort to keep the water theme, we searched on YELP for waterfront restaurants either in Cambridge or Easton.  We found two different ones in Cambridge but once yet another lovely, small, water town we realized the waterfront dining wasn't exactly what we were looking for.

We stopped by the Visitor's Center - which we see EVERY time we cross this bridge -

 Of course we grabbed tons of additional brochures and read all about this place.  LOVE doing that...

The marina was so pretty.  Ronnie has made numerous trips here when his Granddad docked his sailboat here but I had never been.  I just love everything about water life -

And this lighthouse was added in 2011.  So pretty -

Oh and look - I found my waterfront lunch spot - too bad I didn't actually get invited =)

We drove through 'downtown' but didn't stop at any of the shops.  Our final stop of the weekend was Red Eye's Dock Bar -

Ronnie finally got his fried oyster sandwich =)

It seems this is our 'go to' lunch stop when on our way home.  We listened to the boat races and watched boats sail in and out.  We were saddened to hear of the fatality of the little boy on the spectator boat when a racer lost control.  Several were hurt.  Prayers to them.  And THEN - a boat capsized with one man missing.  Just yesterday I heard they found his body.  Very sad.  And to think, we were just right there.

So....our weekend was absolutely perfect!  I would live in Oxford in a MINUTE.  I look forward to visiting Abby again and keeping in touch via Facebook and her book club in the mean time.

Thanks to my hubby for planning such a wonderful weekend away in celebration of our 23rd anniversary.  I think he is in charge from now on.  The past few he has planned are over the top!

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