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Just wanted to share that I am pretty excited -  I LOVE to read and have always wondered about book clubs.  How do they work?  Are there any close to me?  Ronnie even suggested I start one of my own.  But......my new friend Abby invited me to her book club - I will be remote but so what....she has members in France, Scotland, Canada and Colorado so what's West Virginia, ha!

The book they are reading is -

mine came yesterday and I already started.  The Shore is three islands....Chincoteague, Accomack and Assateague.   I have been to three of them so obviously Accomack is on my bucket list =)

So far I love this book.  It's very different from what's in my current reading list but it's really fun to be part of Abby's book club and it totally makes me want to read.  The monthly meetings fall on the second Thursday of the month.  That means this book will be complete by then.  (Challenge on Abby?)

I'll pick back up tomorrow on our Anniversary trip....promise!

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