They say it's my birthday! - UPDATED 9:43 p.m.

And it totally is =)  As soon as I opened my eyes this morning I heard "HAPPY Birthday"!  While drinking my coffee I was given the perfect card.  Very fitting.  Just perfect.  Then before I left for work I needed something from Cierra and before I could even ask, she says "HAPPY Birthday!"  

Texts and messages started pouring in and when I hit my desk this is what I saw -

Cards just for me and even a present from my BFF who is afar (actually just OC =)

and once opened - it was THE best!

She knows me too well and knows I love stuff like this.  More importantly, the insert was awesome!

Definitely worth reading if you wish.  Let's just say it's perfect for me so thanks Mendie!!

And I still have the rest of the day.  Thinking of getting my toes done, my hair trimmed, dinner with my peeps and maybe even some ice cream.  No complaining here.  Happy Hump Day to everyone else that's not celebrating a birthday.  xo

My day just kept going - Cake with my group - 

Wine glass holder and glasses with gift cert to one of my FAV places in OC - from Cierra (aka C) and Blake

Bath & Body Works gift card and flowers from Mal and Chase.

Awesome card from Nanny =)   And a family dinner - i only have two hours left but I am very blessed, grateful, thankful and appreciative of the hundreds of 'happy birthdays' i received.  Thank you all very much!

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