Some of my favorite apps -

For those of you that are interested, I'm going to share what's on my phone (well at least some of the hundreds of apps) -

Number one -

I love getting the updates so I know what's going on in the world.  I can scroll across the top bar and get the latest news on Technology, Business, Sports, Entertainment and many more OR just click on ALL Stories.

Number Two -Now this one is my fav food app - I open, order, pick-up without having to talk to a sole =)

Number Three - And who doesn't have this one?  No explanation needed -

Number Four .....Now this next one, I tried a few different ones and this was my favorite - it keeps everything organized and knows what I'm close to so I don't have to search!

Number Five - We use this one a lot, too - When we're looking for a place to eat or stay and are interested in the reviews.  Now, THAT's important.

Number Six - And this one.  I LOVE.  I just click and type then my Post is ready to share with you.

Number Seven - This next one was a recent add.  Now that I'm getting old, hehe....

this app allows you to find people with CPR training close by when you need it.  Now keep in mind that people must register but regardless, it's a pretty cool app.

Of course I do have all the social media apps....Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger.  Some shopping apps like Amazon, Ebay, Easy, Kohls and many more..like three screens of photography apps....Yes pathetic.

What's in your wallet phone?!

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