Witches and Bottles and FRIENDS, oh my!

Yep - we are happy to be able to call these two our friends.  We may not see each other often but whenever we get together it's like we haven't missed a beat.  We catch up.  We share stories.  We meet up for a birthday party (ok, lol so it was a winery's 5th birthday).

We enjoyed the evening -

We listened to some awesome music -

We had a shared a nice bottle of wine -

We even shared some wine infused cupcakes, ha!

And after they caught us up on their recent trip to Salem, they brought out some gifts from the heart.  These are friends that know us.  That have been around us for years.  So she knew how excited I would be to have my own Salem Witch Bottle -

With a pinch of salt to purify the inside of the bottle, soil from Maumkeag, Massachusetts which represents Peace and Welcome.  A rusted iron nail - legend tells that if you set a rusted nail 'to dirt' with the point down, it will attract and ensnare any Specter or Dark Creatures that happens by, preventing it from following you.  And if the nail has been sealed in the bottle where it is set to dirt, the bottle then becomes a home for that entity.  BUT it MUST remain sealed.  Shew a big responsibility =)  Herbs  to draw in sickness.  The wax seal - Once all the ingredients are combined the cap is then set firm.  The witch bottle is then sealed, with was or clay.  As the material hardens, a 'hex mark' is stamped on the bottle to seal the magick inside.

Wow - LOVE this and very DEEP -  But then this -

I need to make sure this thing stays safe and sealed, geez!  I just love this kind of stuff though.  And I even have a cute little 'witch' chime -

when she whipped out something for us that they had gotten in Salem, I was so excited!  Yep, we have some pretty cool friends.

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