Tubby Smith!

I have repeatedly admitted my lack of sport knowledge, right? Just trying to set the stage -
I'm back in Minneapolis this week, having dinner with one of my employees and her husband at
TGIFridays'. There's some major activity going on. Yep - none other than Tubby Smith. Who? I ask? I am quickly brought up to speed that he is/was the coach of the MN Gophers! Ok people...I'm sorry.... I admit I am sports illiterate....

But - while my home away from home looks like this...
I can still be thinking about the love of my life being back home, right? So I get a note on a napkin that I am POSITIVE will soon be hanging on the bar wall..
Yep - none other than "THE" Tubby Smith ....
So there you have it babe - I'll make sure the napkin stays crisp and clean until I can deliver =)


  1. Cool, that was an easy Valentine present!

  2. I always thought I’m the only sports illiterate  I'm a follower now, please follow back for more mutual blog visits :)

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  3. I'm with you girlfriend. I am totally sports illiterate. I know about and watch one team and one team only.....The Packers of course!