Ok, well maybe not really a 'show' but our tickets arrived and we are SO excited!

Take a look - one for each of us!

Ash found this really cool web-site that makes up invitations that look just like DORA show tickets. Aside from the "ticket" being the cutest thing ever.....this little girl is going to be 2! Wow, where did time go?

She loves to sing "Fireworks" by Katy Perry. She sings and moves to the beat and is so cute! Today she was singing along with Cierra's karoke machine and of course "Poppy" and I were her biggest fans =)


  1. She is adorable :) She is going to have a fabulous time seeing Dora :)
    My niece is in love with anything Dora :)

  2. Thanks Tammy - Actually she's not going to see Dora...Ashley had her invites made up to look like Dora tickets =) I hadn't seen them before but the are really adorable.