Worth gettin'....

For those of you that know me, you are fully aware that I hate getting the mail! A few years back we had a 'cluster' mailbox for the development and it was pretty common for me to get nasty notes from the mail carrier to clean out my mailbox!!! Many times you could visibly see envelopes sticking out the slots, lol!

Then.....we moved to individual mailboxes. So what would make the mail lady think I would change my habits just because the box was different? Nope...with the front and back door on the box, the back door could be seen pushed open with all my 'stuff' in there =)

I have tried to assign this as a chore for the kids but they must be like me - they don't get it either. The other day I had to actually mail something so was FORCED to open the box. I pulled out the pile and put it on the floor on the passenger side. (I am NOT a stuffer so don't put it on the dash *laugh*) . While stopped at a light on my way to work I looked down to where the pile and shifted and noticed this...

So of course I grabbed it and stared. Right before my eyes was the button I designed for Chase's Akron Soapbox Derby trip! Wow!! Pretty cool.

Badge-A-Minit e:mailed me a few months ago and asked if it would be ok. They were looking at several and weren't sure but wanted to make sure it wouldn't cause any privacy issues, etc. Well - looks like they decided and he made it!

Regardless, I was glad for once, that I GOT the mail!

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  1. Bev,
    You and I are too much alike !!! Seriously, I HATE getting the mail too. I've never had the mail guy say anything to me but there have been times I don't think he could have fit anymore in the mail box !!! I don't know what it is, I just don't like getting it ! When I do tho it seems like there's always a great surprise for me !