Sometimes people just have no idea how impactful something is or may be that they can do or have the ability to do.  Here's an example.

On Tuesday night we played Martinsburg High School.  It was cold.  It was windy.  It was miserable.

We won.  We beat them by something like 14.

Back in the day, Martinsburg was the enemy.  They always won.  They had cowbells.  They were annoying.  But, they had good teams.

On Wednesday morning I realized I must have dropped my glasses at the ballfield.  Oh man.  I was stressed.  We leave in a day.  I need to see (especially at night).  I don't have time to get a new pair.  UGH.

So I took a chance and called the school, asking for the athletic director.  Instead I was dumped into the voice mailbox of Josh Matheny.  Skeptical, I left a message.  A very detailed message.

A little after noon I received a call from a 540 number.  Not sure who it was but I answered.  It was Mr. Matheny.  He had found my glasses.  AWESOME!  He took the time to go over to the field.  Walk around where I was.  Look around the bleachers and there they were.  He said he had to get back to the school for a meeting so he left my glasses at the front desk of the school.  I picked up and never did get to personally thank him other than an e:mail.  He took the time out of his busy day and made my life a LOT easier.  We need more people like this =)

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