Bella Skye.....

For those of you that 'know' me, you 'know' I am not a dog lover.  I'm ok with them but hasn't traditionally been my favorite pet.  Java came along from Santa years ago and then we adopted Skipper two years ago.  Skipper is a Yorkie mix and an adorable, rotten, bossy dog that we Love, love.

Here's Skipper when we got him -

He was so little.  And now he's grown into a very interesting little furry child.  Full of energy, a little on the bossy side and truly looks like a Yorkie/Daschund mix and we would't trade him for any amount of money (although I almost gave him away shortly after he came to live with us, lol).

Ok, so Skipper has somewhat turned me into a dog/furry child lover.  Without saying any more, let me introduce you to this cute, adorable, lovable, beautiful little girl -

Very similar to Skipper, huh!?  She joined our family on Wednesday of last week.  She is doing great!  Just wimpers a little when put in her crate.  Does her business outside.  Sleeps good.  Travels well.  Her name is Bella Storme.  Bella because she is a girly puppy and the first we will train with the bell. And Storme because the day I went to look at her, it was thundering and stormy.  She was born on February 8th so will be 3 months in a week or so.  She is truly adorable.  xoxo

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