Some place new....

Our tradition continues - when the kids are away at camp, we try to do something 'different'. So - we headed to a restaurant in town that has been there a while. Some friends told us it was really good so we decided to give it a shot....It is very quaint and the food was great! Guess this one gets added to our 'local list', ha!

I really wanted ice cream but we decided against it. But....after showers and we were actually ready for bed I decided I really needed some ice cream. So, Ronnie was a real trooper; got up, dressed and drove me to Cone Zone. Luckily I called Jennifer (the owner) to make sure they were open and she waited for us =) The funny thing is the restaurant and ice cream place are in the same parking lot, lol.

But...the best part about today is when 'mail call' happens at camp these cards will be delivered to Chase and Cierra. They LOVE getting mail =)

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