Unexpected gifts....

On this 20th day of Christmas I want to share the gift that was waiting for me yesterday at work -
and I was totally sad surprised, happy, excited; tons of emotions went through my mind. You see for as many years as I can remember, the week of Christmas I always got a box. Just like this one. Full of delicious chocolates. Made just for me (and a few others). I was always so excited and was known to eat the whole box by myself; the same day I received, ha! And when I did, a few pieces would be snuck shared with me so I could take them home to Ronnie. So why would it be different this year? Well, because Greg left us 8 months ago. (has it really been 8 months?) And even after 8 months, the office still isn't the same. But today, the Christmas candy memory became reality. At this time of year it has to be tough for Donna yet she somehow found a way to make us smile.

I guess you could say this little box was 'heaven sent'!
So thanks Greg (and Donna)......may peace be with you this holiday season. You will never be forgotten.

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