Bring it on!

That's right....we transitioned from Thanksgiving to Christmas all in a matter of 8 hours!  Shew...that was a lot of bins, a lot of cleaning and a lot of moving but it's all done and we are GLAD!

Merry Christmas ya' all =)

and, just think.....three weeks from today, it will be Christmas day!


  1. LOVE love love your pretty tree and the ladder is too sweet! It's always a job to get the decorations up but when it's dark outside and you can snuggle inside warm by all the fun decorations and lights, it's TOTALLY worth it! :) enjoy your twinkle!

  2. Beautiful tree my friend !!!! We put our tree up really early this year, Bryton was bored about a week before Thanksgiving so I said what the heck and we put it up !!!!
    Hoping you all have a fabulous Christmas !