Merry Christmas Day 23

Countdown - Day #23

For YEARS we have heard the story where a couple goes into a restaurant (I think Waffle House) on Christmas Eve and whoever their waitress is, they give $100 as a secret santa; christmas angel; blessing.  I have always loved this story.

Tonight, we went to Knob Hall with some friends and ended up at TGIF's.  Our server was great.  Friendly.  Personable.  Accommodating.  And the secret word was 'kids'.  She told us she has two children and she wanted to make Christmas special.  That's all it took.

For once, we were able to pay our normal 20% tip and on our way out, slip her an extra $50 and say "Merry Christmas".  That in itself made me smile.  

No pictures.  Simply thoughts tonight and I love it.

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