Black Friday!

We didn't spend Black Friday the way Cierra typically does. We actually slept in, had a good breakfast, had a mini-photo shoot - the weather was perfect!
then headed to the Ferry.
The view was wonderful -
and once ashore....check out the building =)
we headed to the subway....Chase and Cierra don't recall ever riding, ha!
it was an interesting ride, to say the least. And......we get off on 42nd street and Broadway. Wow...Yep, it's BLACK Friday!
Chase and Cierra remembered Toys R Us but Damian had never been so.....we attempted to go inside -
but exited right after we entered.....TOO many people =)

The shopping was all about Cierra. She only had a few stores on her list with this one on the top -
and right after this picture was snapped, the 'big, bouncer' approached me and said "NO pictures can be taken" hehe......needless to say, that was the last of the pictures in AE and there were SO many things that were picture worthy. lol! We played around a little as we walked down Broadway -
and even ran into Mickey and Elmo, ha!
I even got my picture taken in my FAVORITE studio!
And, check out this Gingerbread house -
And I thought our's was good. Geez..... But....Cierra enjoyed her day in Times Square -
And the view back home was just as spectacular!
All in all, it we had a GREAT Black Friday!


  1. How exciting! Looks like you had a great time!

  2. It looks like you all had a wonderful trip !!! Love the photo shoot, you and your hubby look fantastic !!!! Have a great weekend :)