Christmas Countdown - Day 18

All hearts come home for Christmas.  Perfect for today.

Pastor Joanna spoke to the children today about Mary.....Mary had a little lamb and it's fleece was white as snow.

Well, that's not necessarily so about this lamb -

Wow! Reba looks different;  just a little thicker, ha! She's been with the Corbett's since September when we took her there to be bred. We got the 'all clear' a few weeks ago that she could come home as she was confirmed pregnant. Woo hoo! Looks like we'll be having a lamb or multiple lambs in February/March which means we have a lot of preparing, and reading to do between now and then. Definitely exciting!

I was happy to see that she is still photogenic =)
So welcome home Reba! Just in time for the holidlays.

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