Season of Giving.....Take 2

Day 7 - Tonight some members of the 4H group went shopping for a 'Christmas' family. As always, we pick a family member and split up. Chase, Damian and a few other boys picked the 2 year old. Clothes were not a 'wish', only learning toys. Chase seemed excited to learn that they had $100 to spend. Hmmm. I caught up to them in the toy section and they had two items. Both, good choices. Very educational. When I asked what else they were going to buy, there was hesitation. They had already spent $50 and only had two toys. Wow. As they began searching and calculating, Chase quickly picked up on the fact that realistically, today, $100 doesn't go far. Regardless, they figured out how to make some little young man happy =) And.......the club is going to make some people happy, yay! In some cases, it was sooooo close........
and at the end of the shopping excursion, we decided we would have one happy family! Great Job Country Clovers!

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