By chance......

Each Christmas Eve we do something different as far as dinner. This year we chose Red, Hot and Blue but the closest one now is about 40 minutes from us. Ronnie didn't seem phased by having to make the trip on Christmas Eve so I ordered.....

Mid morning we headed to the grocery store then over the mountain to pick up our food. Ronnie has always followed the Redskins so thought it would be a good idea to take a few minutes and check out Chris Cooley's art gallery.
They had a game on Saturday so the chances of running into Chris were pretty slim. We hit the door and started checking out his pottery but right before our very eyes who should appear (no, NOT Santa) but Chris Cooley himself!!! Yay us =)

Of course I had my cameras and there was no hesitation to take advantage of this photo op, ha!
And we had to get Ronnie's jersey autographed,
pick up a few items then off we went, VERY happy that just "by chance" Chris was there!

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  1. SOOOOOO jealous !!! How cool is that running into him !!!! Awesome :)