The countdown continues...

Just 13 days til Christmas?! Oh my. Tonight was the 4H party. Games were played, gifts exchanged and yummy snacks shared. What fun. It's almost as if the feeling of Christmas was upon us in a matter of minutes. And, sometimes it's the smallest, most simple gift that wins the heart.....and what other than a usb tree?!
I loved it and had to borrow,  just to light up my little corner of the room =) It was one of Chase's gifts but somehow I'm thinking it would be a perfect 're-gift'...yeah!

Speaking of hearts - this is Cierra's art project. She is very creative and artistic....which is why just maybe, she will be the perfect pastry chef one day!
And the countdown continues....time is ticking away! Some presents arrived today and they were quickly wrapped and placed under the tree. I'm down to just a few more things which feels pretty good....

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