A Season of Giving -

Countdown to Christmas - day 7 (already?!)

This year's parade theme was "A Season of Giving" so the 4H group combined the Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, St. Jude, Make a Wish, our local Animal Shelter and Food Pantry to make one GREAT float =) -
The kids had a great time putting everything together - and Santa's helpers?! Well, they were more worried about their hair being messed up by the hats, lol!
and look where "Mr. Cool" rode this year, ha!
while this one was enjoying the ride (with her Princess wave, no doubt)!
And speaking of the princess, check out this castle!
And I recognize this little princess!!
she even has 'the wave' down pat -
What a cute Christmas pony -
and then there's the grand finale' -
Now that Chase and Cierra are older, Ronnie and I are able to 'watch' the parade versus walking along side the float (either Scouts or 4H), we enjoy seeing all the different groups and people. (are we just getting old, lol?!)

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  1. I love parades ! The girls in their Santa Hats are fun !!!! Looks like a great time with family and friends :)