Poundcake or Abercrombie ?!

well, too much poundcake and those abercrombie clothes won't fit but this isn't what you might think....once again today we went lamb shopping and luckily landed on the perfect one. He was born on March 4th. So...the mission began - after googling for a name, Ronnie discovered that General Abercrombie was born on that date. With Cierra's love of designer clothes including Abercrombie, he thought it was perfect. At first, Cierra did too however after consulting with her 'friends' began second guessing. The mission continued - it was discovered that March 4th of this year was designated National Poundcake Day! After much laughter in the house, the name has been confirmed "Poundcake". We will pick him up after Easter and join him with #947 (who by the way is still nameless) in their new barn.

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