Baa Baa Black Sheep...

The time has come to once again 'lamb' shop for Cierra's 4-H project. For those of you that are familiar with her situation, you will recall that Cupid was her ewe lamb last year. She was born on Valentines' day and was a wonderful lamb. As the project came to a close and the sale was upon us, Cierra became very upset and didn't want her to be sold for 'lamb chops'. So....her grandfather, Butch came through for her and paid a high price per pound for little miss Cupid. She came home with us and it was agreed that we would breed her in time for Cierra to have her 'project market lamb' this year. All the proper steps were taken and we were told we should have a baby lamb(s) somewhere around March 10th. Life was good.

Or so we thought - Just recently we learned that Cupid is actually not expecting! Back to square one. Today we visited a farm in Jefferson, Maryland in hopes of purchasing a Suffolk lamb. They are wonderful people and very helpful. Based on cost, Cierra chose a wether lamb. As each were brought to her, she carefully inspected and really liked #947. As we began discussing this particular lamb, we learned that he was born on 2/14. How ironic is that!! That was definitely a sign that #947 is the right lamb for her. One other interesting tidbit is that #947's mom's name is Minnie (yes, as in Disney). On top of that, Cierra has decided she wants to purchase two lambs. (with her own money) She does understand that they will have to be sold at the end of the project. Her second choice is Henry. Henry's mom became paralized during the birthing process which resulted in Henry being bottle fed and is now the 'family' pet. He runs around like a little dog.

So, as long as #947 meets the tail docking requirement Cierra plans to purchase him and Henry. We will find out more this week.

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