Ready for the "RED LIGHT CHALLENGE"?

Tonight was the 4-H annual talent show - after a lot of thought, the club decided to create a skit on the lines of Cash Cab using 4-H questions. What a blast! The crowd thoroughly enjoyed the skit. Cierra was in the first round and had a tough time with questions. We hadn't eaten dinner yet so she seemed to be focused on food! When asked how much it cost to be in 4-H, her response was "it depends on what you want". If you get a plain hot dog, it is $1.50 however if you get it loaded, it would be $1.75. Somehow she was associating it to the 4-H Hot Dog Hut at the Jefferson County fair. We all know it is free to become a 4-Her!

Chase played the perfect role of side swiping the old lady and man with his car. The old lady jumped out and started hitting him with her purse - the whole group chanted "Nationwide is on your side"!

Needless to say they did a great job and everyone was definitely entertained. The car was a nice 'add' as well. Ronnie, Cierra & Chase put that together for the group over the weekend.

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