Favorite Things Friday!!

I like 'traditions' and this Bible verse has become one for our family. Many years ago when I would get the kids ready for school we started saying this verse out loud. We added a small prayer to the end and include the names of family members asking that God look over us as we go to work and school today, whatever the case may be. We still do this today!!! We have even incorporated this tradition into our camping trips. Whenever we load up the RV and are just getting ready to pull out of the driveway, Chase and Cierra will repeat this verse asking that we have a safe trip. I love it!

A few Christmas' ago Mom and Dad were with us shopping in Lancaster, PA when Chase spotted this plaque. Obviously it was a 'must have' and hangs just inside our front door for those who enter to see and, it is perfect for this week's Favorite Things Friday !

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