It's Monday but at least it is NOT raining!

And it's time to play along with MckMama so here's a recap of last week -

I DID not create another blog just to highlight our travel adventures. Nope, I wouldn't do that knowing how much time it takes keeping up with what I already have. I definitely know better than that!

I wouldn't think of going to Hobby Lobby two days in a row because I didn't have enough time to shop the first day. That is not something I would think of doing especially since it is an hour away. Nope, not me!

It wasn't me that didn't believe my son when he said he didn't feel like doing his homework. Nope, I would never doubt him being sick to get out of school. It also wasn't me that read the thermometer and said "oh, I am so sorry you feel bad", NOPE, now that's just pathetic!

I would NEVER think of buying ten different kinds of ribbon to make Kayden bows just because it is 1/2 price. Never.

Finding a new, really neat Fall digi scrapbook package and attempting to download it, I did NOT get a message asking if I was sure I wanted to do so since I purchased this package two weeks ago.

I did NOT allow my two sick children to partake in my oldest daughter's job interview. I don't care how bad she needed them in order to get the job, I am a believer that if you don't go to school, no other activites. NOPE, it wasn't me.

And last but by far the funniest, when I was looking in our freezer trying to figure out what to fix for dinner I remember something a 'friend' of our's shared. It sounds as if she is known for putting everything in plastic bags in the freezer without marking what exactly is in the bag. So, the church was having a pot luck dinner and she had a big pan of fresh green beans. She called her husband and asked him to bring the ham bone out of the freezer. When he arrived, he dumped the contents into the pot of beans. Wow...once all cooked, it was actually a fish!! Now that is hilarious and worth sharing. So, I guess everyone actually does have "not me Monday" stories they can share. But, I would never do something like this (if I did, you would be the first to know, ha)!


  1. That is hilarious about your friend and Hobby Lobby definitely deserves two trips.

  2. oh my goodness that is hilarious (&gross) about the green beans!!
    I could spend days at hobby lobby...something about it inspires me and makes me feel really creative!

    I love your highlights by the way...I need to get some!