a happy ending....

This is what you would have seen on our kitchen table if you visited us over the past 4 days. You got it, we have sick children. I must say it is highly unusual for them to be sick because they are pretty healthy, hearty kids but this bug got 'em! Cierra started on Sunday with a sore throat, coughing and fever. Luckily there wasn't school on Monday due to Columbus Day but even on Tuesday she wasn't quite feeling up to going and hadn't been 'fever free' for 24 hours.

Last night as Chase was studying for his Social Studies review today (test on Thursday), he put his head down on the table. Of course, my first thought was he didn't want to do his homework, right?! He then mentioned a sore throat and headache so out comes the thermometer and sure enough, he has a fever! Oh my.....that means he won't be able to go to school because again, they must be fever free for 24 hours.

This morning they both slept in until around 10 which tells me they aren't feeling well but luckily I was able to work from home to see how they felt once they got up. Cierra is still coughing alot but no fever; Chase not yet coughing but low-grade fever.

Now, for the interesting clip - Brittany was to take two models with her for her interview today. One female; one male. Yup, you got it....that would be Chase and Cierra. So being the 1/2 bad Mom (taking them out when sick and not in school) and 1/2 good Mom (for supporting Brittany's endeavor), allowed them to go with her. So, she gathered them up and headed north. Of course they had strict instructions: don't breathe on anyone, cover your mouth with your arm and do WHATEVER Britt asked :)

The first hour (gasp) they sat in chairs by the front window, awaiting her interview and computer work. Finally Chase is in the seat, he gets his 'clipper' cut with the new clippers (Thanks Brandon, lol) so he's free to go. Next up, Cierra. Oh, change in plans....they don't need to see a cut, color & highlight after all! But hey, it was all worth the effort because she starts on Monday!! Yay for her!!!

We are all proud, excited and nervous all at the same time!! So, if you're in need of a haircut, Britt can fix you up at the Hair Cuttery in Hagerstown by Best Buy :)


  1. Congrats to Brittany! Hope the kids get better quick!