Favorite PLACES Friday!

Today I had two favorites that I want to share - this one is about one of my absolutely FAVORITE places to go on Friday night. We tend to have Kayden on Saturday so we always try to go to dinner on Friday these days. The past few Fridays have been spent at Walmart (that's another posting I will get to eventually) but if I could go anywhere it would be "Alway's Ron's"! Their crab dip is like no other!!! If we don't make it there every few weeks, they always ask where we have been! You get great food, wonderful service and the food is very reasonably priced - can you ask for any more?!The best crab dip yet!Ahhhh the fresh flounder!

Here's one of their great servers, Ashley! We typically have her or Ronnie (yes, another Ronnie).
And...her husband is one of the Chefs!!
Of course, we love the wine selection, too! So - if you're looking for somewhere quaint and personable to go, by all means check out "Always Ron's"!!

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