So close yet so far....

This weekend we went camping with the church - we didn't go far, only about 1/2 hour away to Candy Hill Campground in Winchester, Virginia. We headed to our destination right after the kids got out of school and we took Jimmy with us. Cierra actually stayed home with Brittany as they had plans :) She also knew Butch would be coming back to take care of his animals so she could catch a ride with him.

Once set up and settled in, we fixed dinner. We did have some showers so the boys stayed in and played foosball. Shortly thereafter Britt, Brandon and Cierra stopped by sharing their haunted experience. Then it was off to bed until tomorrow!

The sun was shining, a little windy but a beautiful fall day. After breakfast some of us began preparing for the Second Sunday Supper

while others were busy playing Corn Hole. What a hit! The games went on for hours, with Cierra and John proud of their wins. At the end of the weekend, Ronnie & John are the undefeated and reigning champions of Corn Hole!!

The boys rode bikes and threw some football with Lenny while others played basketball.

Around 5:00 we all gathered up our dishes and headed to the dining hall. We had a dinner show after we ate - good food, fun and fellowship.
We even experienced Lenny's magical game. He had our undivided attention as he successfully provided the answers to all our questions without even opening the envelope!! Oh my, only Lenny.We watched the sun set then spent a few hours around the campfire singing songs including "He's got the whole world in his hands, even Little Bitty Amanda"!! Of course you can't have a campfire without smores....it was great
This morning we headed to the 'red building' for the Open Door Baptist service. We had communion then witnessed a skit about The Prodigal Son. It was a very nice service.
We wrapped up with a group picture around the Trolley Car (we took two pictures - one witout me and one without Jimmy - he's a pretty good photographer, too!
We also had a final skit where John, Pastor Joanna and I acted out Marvin who didn't want to leave the retreat. (none of us were ready to leave either)Thanks to Pastor Joanna for getting us all together for a great Fall weekend!


  1. Sounds and looks like a PERFECT fall weekend!

  2. Hi, new to your blog. Glad you had a good time, and the weather was nice. It was 29 degrees at night here!