Wednesday's Walk down memory lane...

Brittany and Jeremy have always been close
but how fitting is it that many years ago even he allowed her to 'fix' his hair and now she is a professional?! Pretty cool huh?
On those same lines, Britt doesn't like a lot of attention and will probably be annoyed that I posted this but I can't help myself...isn't that what Mom's do?! She is going for her first interview with a salon so I grabbed her scrapbook and took some pics. She not only has to show some of the work she has performed but also has to take people with her. She is taking Cierra for a cut, color and highlight (luckily they are only pretending with conditioner for the color and highlight part) and Chase for a male clipper cut. Shew...she has been a little worried because Cierra has been sick since Sunday but she was able to pull it off and help her big sister out today.

So Britt....a big GOOD LUCK from us today!

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  1. Such cute pictures! Congrats to her on doing what she loves!