Is it MONDAY already?!

Let's see, do I really want to share all those 'not me' happenings from this past week? We're all friends, right?

So, it really was NOT me that went to the grocery store hungry and found all kinds of new stuff Wal-mart doesn't have like Milano cookies (100 calorie pack), frosting in a can and M&M nutty cones and ventured on to spend $288 on groceries to go camping!!

It wasn't me that could hear my cell phone ringing but couldn't find it! It seemed like no matter where I went I could hear it at the same level....oh, that's right, it probably was me that stuck it in my pocket!!

There is no way I packed both of my 'books' full of 10,000 pictures and took them with me for the weekend just knowing I would have time to upload them to my new Mac! Nope, no way I would think that!!

No! I DID NOT eat four cake balls just because I couldn't tell if they were too sweet :)

I did NOT 'gasp' when I noticed an empty beer bottle by the preacher this morning and wondered if they took it out of our recycle bin by our RV. Oh, it was part of the Prodigal Son skit, ha!

Trying to bake a cake and wash clothes, I didn't sit the jug of oil down then after filling the washer with clothes pick it up instead of detergent and fill the washer. I know better than to do that; my husband would be really, really mad!! NOPE, I said, it wasn't me!

And, after getting motivated this weekend, I did not suggest working with the Sunday School on a skit to be performed during church in the near future....NOPE, absolutely not me. There is no way I have time for that with my busy schedule.


  1. losing a cell phone? over spending at walmart? NOT ME EITHER!

  2. LOL Never go to Walmart when you're hungry! Been there, done that!

    You have a beautiful blog!