Friday Night

Typically Friday night is a 'night out' for Ronnie and me. Since he is off on Friday, he tends to plan our night. Today was just that - by the time I got home, he had our evening planned.
We headed toward Chambersburg in search of Hobby Lobby which is a store Mendie and I have been waiting to open.
They close at 8:00 so we had a limited amount of time but are already planning to go tomorrow if baseball practice is cancelled (yah!!)

Once we finished in there we played with the Garmin in search of a quaint restaurant. (we love finding new places). After a few stops (which didn't look like someplace we wanted to go), we landed at this one.....
We started in 'the dining room' then ended up in the lounge :)
We had green beans
as an apetizer which were wonderful!! I had crab cakes
while Ronnie had stuffed flounder
and both were great. So, if you're ever in the Chambersburg, PA area, Chelsea
is ready to serve you! We had a great evening and just might be heading back there tomorrow :)

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  1. What a nice night! I have never seen green beans like that before. I can spend hours in Hobby Lobby! Love that store!