Just a little bit of fun -

Today was an absolutely beautiful day - sun shining, blue sky and nothing that I HAD to do! So, after getting Mom and Dad's computer fixed, I watched Chase riding his 4-wheeler. Dad built him a jump -
Then Cierra and I headed to Martinsburg. Britt called and met us at TJ-MAX . I had never been there and one of my friends told me that if you hit it right, there are pretty nice things, reasonably priced. And..in we go
we checked out the purses, wow alot to choose from! Then headed to the shoes - I chose some platform, ha! Pretty cute, huh?
Then I went to a pair more my style, Coach butterfly flip flops, yay!Meanwhile Cierra found a really cute silver pair -
And Britt tried on a few herself :)We did find a really cute Welcome sign but the words were upside down, JUST KIDDING!!

you really have to be patient and look through lots of things to find the bargain you're looking for and I spent all the patience I brought.. however, I did get a Yankee Autumn Wreath candle for $7, two picture frames for $4.99 and a large brown leather tote to sit on the floor in my 'scrap/craft' room that I love!
Then we headed to Target. Two carts and too much money later we grabbed pizza and Starbucks.Cierra ended up getting five pair of shoes! (She had to pay for four of them :)

Final stop - Dick's! We didn't find what we were looking for but it was WV heaven! Finally, a store that has really cool West Virginia clothes and gear.
And....while we were out and about, Chase and Ronnie were at baseball practice. Ronnie has been working hard on a pitching mound for Chase to practice...
Now we're home, Britt and Cierra are heading back to Grandma's, (notice anything odd about this picture?!?\)
I'm all settled and spending quality time with baby Kayden - the best part of Saturday's. She loves her bear, too!

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