a full table and a high chair!!

yesterday was a pretty busy day however we managed to fit in one of those 'memorable' family dinners. After Chase's game (and yes, another double win) everyone came back to the house for dinner. It was a little late for Kayden since her bedtime is pretty early but she was a good sport and even got a new toy. I dug it out of the Christmas bin but she needed a purse, right?!

All of us, including Grandma and Butch enjoyed meatballs, mac'n cheese, veggies, dips and yummy beer bread along with some fresh baked cookies!!

We started talking about baseball and old pictures which led to videos and on into boxes of photos. I of course, was in my glory because my oldest was actually excited by all the pictures I had of him. He ended up taking home some of the 8mm tapes along with the camera to watch himself playing baseball LOL! Ashley told me today that he was up really late reliving his childhood!! I didn't hesitate to remind them about what a hard time they give me when I'm snapping pictures all the time.

I do have to admit though when it came time for the group picture no one hesitated. It was guys on the floor and ladies squeezing in. I guesss they have learned, ha!!

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