It's all about those Fall decorations!

Just once a year but, oh I love them so. This week Kelly is featuring our Fall decorations.

Some of the greatest are not those that you can purchase or even those that you can decide when you put them out and when you pack them away......

however there are those that tend to come out year after year and make our homes warm and welcoming....Last Fall at our church's 2nd Sunday Supper our craft/activity was to make a cross out of these colorful leaves with a bible versus in the middle. This hangs on our refrigerator!
This is one of my first cross stitch projects from soooo many years ago. While it's not something I would make now, it still holds a special place in my heart :)

Love this! I am even thinking this could sit on the ledge between our breakfast nook and family room all year.
I love sunflowers so fell in love with this wreath a few years ago!

Fall is the most colorful season and one that is loved by our family. It's a time when life seems to slow down a little (just before the holiday season) and because it gets dark sooner, we find ourselves indoors, doing things together. It's also the season where the weather is typically warm enough yet comfortable to enjoy the outdoors on weekends and there's nothing better than RV'ing in the Fall. I love getting home from work and lighting the candles, watching the news and getting dinner started. The night usually winds down by watching a little tv, reading or catching up on e:mails and of course there's blogging :)


  1. The wreath is fabulous. I am looking for something like that for my house. Thanks for sharing.



  2. I agree, God's decorations are pretty amazing.

  3. that "blessings" thing is so cute! love all your fall stuff! xoxo

  4. Your maple's are beautiful. I'm loving mine right now too. What a great idea to make a leaf decoration with a bible verse, and the sunflower leaf is so pretty!
    pk @ Room Remix

  5. I love the fall pics of the trees! They are beautiful! I agree with you the most beautiful of decorations are the ones that God makes! I love that sunflower wreath!

  6. Everything looks lovely, and those trees are stunning!