This week's photo challenge is Halloween Dress-up. Since my children are 'too old' for dressing up these days, Cierra and I decided to play with Kayden. Oh my....her Mommy made her a really cute orange, white and black tutu that looks really cute with her cat ears and black nose. I struggled with the paint that ended up on more places than her nose so we opted for just shooting the adorable baby that she is....

Kayden has just started pat-a-caking herself.... She loves to hear "pat-a-cake" and is figuring out we like it when she claps! She gets so excited!!

But - she can be serious, too.And there's no question, she is truly a blessing!


  1. what a cutie! Her mom did a fabulous job on the tutu

  2. I used waterproof liquid eyeliner for my girls noses a few years ago. Works really well.
    Cute pictures!

  3. What a little cutie!! Gorgeous tutu too!!