Tuesday's Tidbits

Some of you have asked about those yummy Cake Balls I made last weekend. I have to give credit to Kelly's Korner because this is a recipe she posted during one of her Friday "Show us your Life" segments. But, I made them and they were certainly a big hit! Here's how you can have some of these delicious snacks yourself -

I bought a Duncan Hines red velvet cake mix and Betty Crocker fluffy cream cheese icing in the plastic can. I also purchased melting white chocolate. You can get it in a block or chips. I prefer the chips as they melt easier in the microwave.

You prepare the cake as directed then bake.
When the cake is done, spoon it out while hot (it crumbles) into a bowl.
Then add the icing and stir.

Next you place in the refrigerator for an hour or so.
Then using my Pampered Chef small scoop I made balls out of the cake/icing mix.
I rolled out wax paper.
Melted the white chocolate in the microwave then dipped each ball in the chocolate using my Pampered Chef egg separater.
I placed (dumped) them onto the wax paper and let them set.
Within 1/2 hour I placed them onto the plate and they were ready to serve. I did find that these were pretty good chilled as well.


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  1. I saw this recipe when Kelly posted it too. These cake balls just look AMAZING! I'm going to try them sometime.

    Thanks for sharing!