Wednesday's Walk down memory lane...

This picture was taken nearly 25 years ago at Jeremy's first birthday. This is my Grandaddy Walker, my Dad's Father and Jeremy's great grandfather. He was an incredible man. Whenever he saw Jeremy or any child, he would pull out his change purse (the squeezeable plastic kind with the slit down the middle) and give them quarters or whatever he had. He worked with my Dad for a number of years and was known to take long lunches and come back with a new dent or mirror missing on the truck :) But hey, he always came to work!!
Grandaddy left this world in June of 1988 at the age of 84. We certainly miss him and the fun he brought to our family.


  1. Yes he was a great Man..and he raised 5 Good men for sons..From the oldest (my daddy) to the youn gest (your daddy) Had trouble getting this posted!!! this is from Barb!