Game on...

We had a slight change in plans yesterday due to the rain and the need to take Cierra to the dr. - we had originally planned to all go to the Pumpkin Patch then have a pumpkin carving contest. Well, the rain changed the Pumpkin Patch plans as we didn't want get all wet and Kayden hasn't been sick once in her 9 months so we didn't want to risk that either.

Cierra has still been coughing and just doesn't really have the energy we are used to so we packed her up and headed to the dr. Luckily they confirmed she did have the 'flu' but was on the downslide now with just the remnants that would have to run their course. She's no longer contagious and should start feeling better every day. So, that's good.

Back at the ranch, LOL - trying to work around everyone's work schedules is difficult so Britt still wanted to carve pumpkins. While we were in Frederick her, Brandon and Chase picked up enough pumpkins for everyone to carve (thank goodness for Wal-Mart)! We didn't have J, Ash and Kayden but everyone else got their pumpkin and set out for some carving!

It was pretty intense and not a lot of talking.

After about an hour, the first pumpkin came in - Ronnie finished first! He had a bet with everyone that whoever was last had to buy dinner!
Then 'Queen B' finished up -
Next up....Brandon
Now comes "Queen C"
And last but certainly not least - Chase man!and no, he didn't buy dinner!!

They had a lot of fun - we have a new Halloween tradition! Next year will be fun, too since Kayden will be able to help :)

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  1. Wow, they are some pretty talented pumpkin carvers!