Happy New Year!

We're starting the new year off by sharing our New Year's Resolutions. Wanna play share your's? Click on Kelly's "show us your life" logo above and come along for some fun!

The question is.....do I have any New Year's Resolutions?!
The answer is...no. I always try to do better each year and focus on certain goals however I have never been one to make resolutions. I will share with you some things I would like to accomplish:
1. Celebrate Birthday's! Yay! Birthdays' tend to come and go for our family, especially when they fall during the week. I want to work on doing a better job at recognizing birthday's and making them extra special for whoever is celebrating!
2. Spend more time with Kayden! It seems like there's never enough time with her!
3. FINISH my photography course! Y.E.S. This is a must!
4. Catch up and organize my scrap booking. My room is finally organized and ready to roll. Now I need to dedicate time and energy in getting caught up.
5. Get my "Prayer Blog" up and running - so many people are in need of prayer...
6. finish the quilt I started for our bed two years ago! I have everything I need - it just seems like everyone else just moves to the top :)
7. Dedicate more time to my Sunday School position - nothing else to say there.
8. Continued effort to ensure our family gets together at least once a month for dinner. These times are the best!
9. Lose a few pounds....
10. More family time! Do we ever get enough of that anymore?
11. Appreciate the life we have. Life IS good!

There are tons of other things I really need to concentrate on but this is what came to mind when I took a few minutes to look forward to 2010. Wow - wasn't it just the millennium? So....HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you! May 2010 be all you want it to be!

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