Our church family -

I have attended the 'little church on the hill' for as long as I can remember. I've seen people come and go and even 'come and gone' a few times myself but that little church has always been "my church family". For several years our congregation was so small we didn't even have enough children for Sunday School, so sad. Over the past few though, some of our 'friends through our children' started attending and once again our Sunday School is back in tact. Scout Sunday resulted in Mike, Terra, Hunter and Christian joining our church then not long after that Darryll, Denise, Brian and Amanda started coming. Now Terra's cousin and her family are attending which leads to this little face being the center of attention today. Madison was baptized today! Her older sister Hannah was there to share in the celebration as well they are the sweetest little girls and it is such joy to have all four of them part of our church family.

Another family that we enjoy spending time with is Garney, Tasha, Mila and Brady. Cierra really enjoys taking care of Mila and Brady during church and has babysat them a few times. This past Friday Tasha and Garney went out with us for our 'Friday Date Night' and we had a blast! Cierra and Chase went to their home and by the time we got home Brady and Chase were out like a light but Cierra and Mila were still going strong :)

Tasha and Garney aren't sure if they can hang with us every Friday but are ready for the next adventure. We have already decided on the place so that's half the battle.

So, in a nutshell - we're very blessed to have our church friends who we know are always there!

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