One Fish....Two Fish....Three Fish....Blue Fish

This past week has been a lot of trips to Walmart, PetsMart, Petco and Winchester Aquarium. Four years ago we set up a salt water aquarium however after a couple of years, a lot of hard work, many dead fish and frustration we decided to hang it up. It was one of my favorite things back then and we would spend hours just watching the fish. So...for Christmas I asked for it to be broken down and reassembled, this time reef free. Well, that one tank turned into let's see: Chase and Cierra each getting a tank, our bedroom tank being turned into salt water and another new one in my sewing room. And, the big one is just now under renovation :) and I'm actually ok with that. It has been a lot of fun getting everything needed for all the tanks. Chase and Cierra paid for all of their stuff with Christmas money and have done a good job taking care of their latest pets. Our bedroom tank has become my favorite with two yellow and two blue damsels, two hermit crabs, one peppermint shrimp, and one chocolate chip starfish. I love getting up each morning to them swimming around. Tonight was Kayden's first time seeing the fish and she loved them.

As we get finished, I'll be sure to share some pictures. I ordered poster size prints from Snapfish and we are using two of our St. John scenes for the background on our bigger tank. For now, I'll leave you with this...Isn't she just the best?!

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