Thursdays Thoughts....

Every now and then Ronnie and I have a night where we just go up to "Crockett's Tavern" and savor the moment....last night was one of those nights. We have both been really busy with work so it was nice to just spend a few moments enjoying life on our little corner....we typically sit and talk. It is so comforting to just share those 'raw' moments with each other and talk about what's on our minds. So...a question for you - have you heard and really listened to Zac Brown's song "Highway 20 Ride"? Wow, it hits home for both of us (in different capacities). Nothing else to say but it certainly sparks some conversation between the two of us.

As we sit here I spot 'my life' ..
This picture captures my family in an Old Time Photo - we had a lot of fun that day! (Kayden isn't visible but she's actually in Ash's belly:), Disney - this set of 'spreaders' was one of those random purchases a few years ago and everyone knows how I love Disney, ha!, 'stolen coasters from Woody's bar in St. John (ahhh take me there) and Granite City - I remember buying this for Ronnie on one of my work trips and then having to pack it without breaking it :) but this reminds me of work as it is a popular restaurant in Minneapolis. Wow....what a 'group of things'. Didn't put it all together intentionally but it's funny how these things of mine all fit togther!

Once we 'check back in to reality' I see this.....a child who is always focused on doing 'the right thing', homework! Then there's this one.....
who loves being a part of our conversation (and got a schedule change today so is 'happy')!!

Then as I start to head downstairs to feed the kids, I realize that I need to push in the bar stools a certain way (according to Ronnie)....one plank in between(it's all about perfection)....why does that surprise me?! LOL

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