"out of body" experience -

Have you ever had one of those 'out of body' experiences? Well this little guy did. This morning as I was moving from one room to the next I glanced down to see what I thought was a dead hermit crab. I found Ronnie and he agreed that the hermit crab had actually 'kicked the bucket'. As sad as it was, it appeared his shell may have gotten lodged between a couple of the rocks. Ronnie decided to take a stick and push the shell away only to discover that a whole new hermit crab was in the shell! Oh my! I was completely freaked out and just couldn't imagine. Thank goodness for "google" because it had all the answers. Our hermit crab actually molted. We read all about how it comes out of it's shell, sheds it's skeleton and moves on. We have brought many hermit crabs home from the beach, caged them up with a wet sponge and even purchased bigger shells for them to move into but not once did we ever find a whole skeleton in their cage. Wow, isn't it amazing? Have you ever wanted to just shed your body and start anew?! and now a whole new look.