Clean up.....clean up!

Today was a dreary, dreary day. We didn't even go to church (although I am almost caught up with my daily reading of "God Sightings"). All five, yes I said five kids slept in, we had a late breakfast then off to work Ronnie and I went cleaning up piles, files, e:mails, etc. How fitting that I discover during my mission that January is "National Clean Up Your Computer" month?! Wow, I actually can say I met the challenge. I cleaned out all my e:mails, filing and deleting as necessary, downloaded some overdue digital scrapbook elements and sorted through actual 'paper' piles. The only thing I have left is to figure out the best way to sort and file my downloaded scrapbook elements and papers. I have looked around at a couple sites but can't seem to find anything that I follow or can figure out. If anyone out there has any ideas, PLEASE let me know!

I did have a little bit of fun creating this scrapbook page


  1. I wouldn't even know how to get started on any of that! I would probably delete something important.

  2. I love the simplicity of your layout. Sometimes I feel so pressured (still!) to include massive amounts of text/journaling. Its a great "everyday" layout that captures your life right now.