Getting to Know You Sunday!

Ok, so I jumped on-board the train with Mendie. Keely is hosting "Getting to Know You Sunday". I had not yet found her blog but thought this was kinda cute.... So, here it goes....

1. Where were you born?
Winchester, Virginia

2. Toilet paper..do you crinkle/crumple or fold it?
Crumple! Most definitely :)

3. What was the last movie you saw in the theater?
'New Moon' - I've never been one to go to the movies because I always get sleepy, LOL but no way with this one!

4. What room do you spend the most time in besides your bedroom?
This is a tough one....it's a toss between the kitchen and family room. They are really close in proximity which makes it easy.

5. Would you be grossed out if you found out your husband/boyfriend/significant other hadn't brushed their teeth for 4 days and you had been snogging (kissing) them?
Now this is funny - we are both anal about brushing our teeth so if for some reason this happened, I would be totally freaked out. YUCK!

6. Do you fold your underwear?
My drawer is over flowing....no such thing as folding.

7. What is one goal you would like to achieve this year?
You can check out my post but honestly, the main thing is to finish my NYIP course. It IS a must, especially when money is involved, ha!

8. What is your favorite month/least favorite month?
August! This is typically when baseball is over and our vacation takes place. It's also the month of our county fair which we all love! My least favorite is probably February or March...winter is looking pretty bad by then and it's just before the weather starts to turn the corner for Spring.

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  1. I throw all my socks and underwear in a basket. My son wouldn't know what to do if they were folded. lol! I hate folding that stuff!