What a beautiful day!

So the weather men were only calling for a 'dusting' today but just in case we got up early and headed someplace where it was warm, sunny and the skies were blue! YAY! We are really tired of snow so what better way to spend the end of January but sightseeing and playing football?! The kids had a great tiime and felt sort of bad for you folks suffering with the snow.Even Kayden and Mickey got some fresh air...

Ok, I'm just kidding!! It snowed like crazy today - the 'dusting' was 8 inches at my last count. We were stuck inside all day AND Ronnie ended up staying in Virginia to finish up the job because the roads were too bad to get home. Shew....I'm really hoping this time next week we are heading south to warmer, dryer weather and sunny skies! As you can tell, I was bored so played on the computer practically all day....and by the way, church is even cancelled!

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  1. We didn't get that much snow. We made sure it all went your way! lol