It's Monday morning -

It's the first Monday of 2010....what does this mean? Well, it means back to work for Ronnie and me. Back to school for Chase and Cierra. It is working on that list of phone calls to make now that most businesses are back open after a holiday season. Let's see, calling to see if an estimate has even been completed on my car? What about that refund we haven't yet received on the two sets of mattresses we ordered from Mattress Warehouse? Is it a 'go' or 'no go' to Daytona based on Chase's school work? What about those Resource Packs for our Sunday School classes?

Ronnie and I were fortunate to be off work starting on Christmas eve all the way through the 3rd. I did have some work to do but luckily it could be completed from home. It will definitely be an adjustment not being able to sleep in, pancakes, eggs and bacon for breakfast, lazy mornings drinking coffee, watching the news and catching up on e:mails, hearing the pitter patter of feet just before noon (they always stayed up really late) and watching the fish for what seemed like hours. But you gotta work to play, right? So it's off to work we go, leaving the quiet house behind, nose to the grind, ready to make the first week of the new year productive and be thankful that we both have jobs!

Happy Monday to all of you!

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  1. Helloooooooo Monday!! Stinks to have to go back to everything!